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A guide to finding legal screen content

by Amy Pettinger, Content Cafe

The surge in streaming services has given consumers access to more content than ever before, but for many the sheer volume of things to watch can be overwhelming. More recently, content aggregator sites have launched to help people find legal content whether it be at the local cinema or online via a free or paid for legal streaming service. Next time you’re planning a trip to the cinema or a night of telly at home check out some of the below sites.


Film and TV listings and recommendations from pop-culture writers

Flicks serves up showtimes and release dates for cinema and TV content, available at the movies or via streaming. What makes this site special is the engaging curation of content from Flicks’ in-house editorial team to help viewers choose something good to watch and where to watch it – either at home or the cinema. Signing up to Flicks emails is a great place to start if overwhelmed by choice.

Visit Flicks:


A handy app for all your home viewing  

Just Watch aggregates all of the legal online content services in one app. What sets Just Watch apart is the intuitive user experience, with personal recommendations and an easy to maintain watch list for films and TV shows. Users can create watch lists and track content they want to watch across streaming and buy/rent.

Download the Just Watch app:


A guide for all content, including films, games and sport

The Digital Content Guide was developed by a group of creative rights holders and industry associations to help consumers find legal content online, including movies & TV, music, games, sport and eBooks. The site helpfully organises content into both free and pay categories.

Visit the Digital Content Guide:


The ultimate guide for Australian content 

Find Australian films and TV shows using The Screen Guide. The website, which is owned and managed by Screen Australia, lets users search by title, cast and production company to find local content, including information on whether you can stream, rent or buy online.

Visit The Screen Guide: