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CineEurope 2023: Disrupting Piracy Models

by Content Cafe — 29 June 2023

The annual cinema convention and trade show CineEurope took place in Barcelona over 19-22 June and this year delegates celebrated the continued recovery of the film industry. Admissions across Europe were up 36.5% in 2022 and total box office was more than 5.6b euros, a 55.6% increase compared to 2021.

Piracy was also on the agenda as CineEurope with The British Association of Screen Entertainment (BASE) hosting a panel session to explore the emerging commercial models of piracy and what can be done to disrupt them.


Moderator Liz Bales, CEO of BASE outlined three essentials for tackling commercial piracy.

  1. Be aware of the pace of change and the risks to your business
  2. Be prepared and take the relevant actions to mitigate that risk
  3. Be collaborative, using your voice to encourage others to play their part in progressing the solutions.

Panellist Yasmin NevardBritish Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE) said: “We know that consumers are led by convenience and a premium experience. It is therefore critical that we continue to offer this both legally and easily. By building positive habits, creating greater friction and disrupting routes to piracy, we can work together to break infringing behaviours and habits.”


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