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CineEurope: Tackling piracy in the Nordics

by Davide Abbatescianni, Cineeuropa — 28 June, 2022

Recent research into Nordic piracy has revealed that, even with the widespread availability of legal services, piracy is still rife across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. In a recent interview at CineEurope, Allan Bartroff from Danish Rights Alliance and Jaana Pihkala of Finland’s Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre talked about the latest trends driving piracy across the region. We’ve summarised the key takeouts from the interview below:

The key trends driving Piracy in the Nordics:

  • An increase in illegal password sharing on streaming services
  • Users are accessing illegal offerings on legal online sharing platforms, bypassing ‘traditional’ illegal services which are already blocked
  • An increase in the number of infringers using VPN and alternative DNS services
  • An increase in the popularity of illegal IPTV services

So what’s being done to address the changing piracy trends?

Allan Bartroff and Jaana Pihkala revealed the key initiatives they’re using to tackle piracy head on:

  • Spreading information among users about cyber safety and the consequences of piracy through regular copyright awareness campaigns remains crucial in discouraging illegal activities
  • High profile criminal cases with wide media courage also help pirates to be made aware of the personal consequences of their activities
  • Encouraging internet intermediary services to do their part in the fight against piracy
  • An update to existing enforcement tools by legislators
  • Interaction between rights holders and law enforcement

Read the full interview here

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