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Piracy increases in Italy, new IPSOS research finds

by Content Cafe — 21 June 2022

Research conducted by IPSOS on behalf of FAPAV, Italy’s anti-piracy group, has revealed the number of pirates in the country is increasing, while frequency has declined. The incidence of piracy amongst Italian Adults is 43%, but there has been a significant 24% decrease in the frequency of piracy. Films remain the most pirated content at 29%, and live sports piracy has grown from 10% to 15%.

Federico Bagnoli Rossi, the President and General Manager of FAPAV, remarked on the evolving shift in preferences of piracy, particularly towards live sports content, and the need to highlight the economic, social and employment cost of piracy. He said that enforcement actions and communications campaigns are essential in responding to piracy.

FAPAV estimates that the potential economic damage to the content industry is 940 million euros, 1.7 billion euros are estimated in lost GDP for Italy and 9,400 jobs will become at risk.


43% Overall incidence of piracy

29% incidence of film piracy

24% incidence of series piracy

21% incidence of program piracy

15% incidence of live sports piracy

23% incidence of illegal IPTV’s

315 million overall estimate of acts of piracy among adult population

51% incidence of piracy for under 15s

41% of pirates who share passwords to streaming services

Note: the full report is written in Italian but can be viewed via Google Translate

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