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Social media a gateway for pirates in Denmark

by Torrent Freak — 16 July 2023

The Danish Chamber of Commerce has released its bi-annual study tracking the piracy behaviours of Danish citizens. In 2023 illegal streaming and downloading remain prevalent, particularly for males under the age of 40.  While a third (33%) admit to pirating at some time in their lives, 15% say they have done so in the last 12 months.

The research also revealed that social media is taking on a greater role in the search for infringing content. Half of those who pirated in the last year used social media. YouTube was the most cited piracy gateway, followed by Facebook, TikTok, messenger services, Instagram and Snapchat. It was also most prevalent amongst the youngest cohort.

The social media findings correlate with Creative Content Australia’s annual piracy tracker which has seen YOY growth in the number of pirates seeking out social media for recommendations.

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