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Taplin’s book is a sombre warning and a call to action

by Hugh Stephens

Jonathan Taplin's new book, Move Fast and Break Things, published in April of this year, (the title is based on Facebook's internal motto, since modified to make the company appear more responsible) has been attracting considerable attention as he embarks on the usual book launch media tour, in this case Down Under in Australia and New Zealand, and in the UK.

The Internet is moving at lightning speed and it may yet be that the monopolization of social media, search and online sales by a handful of massive corporations is reaching a tipping point, and that demands for reshaping the regulatory landscape will be increasingly heard. This probably won’t happen during the current US Administration but at some point the pendulum is likely to reach its apex and start to swing the other way.

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This post first appeared on Hugh Stephens blog: Jonathan Taplin’s “Move Fast and Break Things”: A Sombre Warning – And a Call for Action