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TikTok star leads new UK piracy campaign

by Content Cafe — 7 August 2023

British TikTok star, GK Barry, has launched a vodcast series in collaboration with anti-piracy initiative Get It Right From A Genuine Site.

The series will see GK interview special guests about how to put the best foot forward in the creative industry. They will also discuss the impact that piracy can have on their careers and the wider community.

The first episode sees GK chat to Spiderman actor Josh Sinclair-Evans about breaking into the film industry.

GK Barry commented: “Whether it’s not maintaining creative control of your own work, to not supporting all the behind the scenes crew that make an amazing film or TV show happen, to the personal risk of getting hacked – the message is simple – don’t be a pirate and Get It Right From A Genuine Site.”

The government and MPA-backed campaign will appeal to GK’s younger audience and encourage them to value the creative process and the people who work hard to make the content they love, instead of sourcing it from infringing websites.

Sabine Henssler of the Motion Picture Association (MPA), who backed the Get It Right campaign, said: “We all have a choice to get content from genuine sites rather than ones that infringe copyright and deny creators the fair rewards their hard work, talent and creativity deserves. If we don’t use one of the many legal sites, we risk movies and TV shows not being made and songs not being recorded, particularly by young aspiring creators who need that income most and who are the future of our industry.”


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