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UK research links piracy with global criminal organisations

by Colin Mann, Advanced Television

A new report from The Royal United Services Institute – the UK’s leading
defence and security think tank – has been commended by consumer body The
Industry Trust for IP Awareness for highlighting the need for government and
industry to work together to reduce consumer demand for pirate content by
raising awareness about the cyber security risks associated with illegal
content sites.
Liz Bales, CEO at The Industry Trust notes that “With pirate content
distribution models more sophisticated than ever, this week’s RUSI report
has revealed how online piracy of TV, film and live sports content generates
hundreds of millions of pounds every year for technically-savvy and
well-coordinated organised crime groups, as well as individual offenders.
Tackling this issue is inevitably complex, and as detailed by RUSI, requires
a coordinated dual-approach involving law enforcement, regulators, financial
institutions and the private sector as well as reducing consumer demand.”
The Industry Trust points out that 31 per cent of consumers accessing
pirated content also report exposure to inappropriate content as a result of
their activity, including offensive pop-ups, adverts and age-inappropriate
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