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Why Australians love going to the cinema

by Ruari Elkington, QUT, The Conversation — 26 March 2024

Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries at QUT Ruari Elkington, along with colleague Tess Van Hemert, spent the last two years researching the cultures and practices of cinema-going. In this article on The Conversation, he shares some of the honest responses he received while researching.

I love the cinema experience. It’s a bonding experience, if it’s good it’s a emotional and cathartic experience.

I like to sit as close as I can to the screen so that the ‘real’ world is completely blocked out. I am immersed in & in awe of the film only. To truly forget life for a while – a reprieve & a reward.

One respondent wrote of loving the end of a film:

the quiet few minutes as the credits roll and you float in the memory of the film. This only happens for me when I see it in the cinema.

Another participant spoke about leaving the cinema and:

doing a walk around the block thinking about the movie, still thinking about the movie driving home.

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Ruari Elkington, Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries & Chief Investigator at QUT Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC), Queensland University of Technology