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World IP Day: A Guide to Understanding Copyright

by World Intellectual Property Organisation — 26 April, 2022

What can be protected?

Literary works, computer programs, films, artistic works, musical compositions, sound recordings, photographs & more


What rights does copyright give me?

Economic rights, which allow the rights owner to derive financial reward from the use of their works by others.

Moral rights, which protect the non-economic interests of the author. E.g. right to be identified as the creator of a work

Can I register a copyright?

In the majority of countries, and according to the Berne Convention, copyright protection is automatic, without the need for registration or other formalities.


How to obtain certified proof of creative work?

Using WIPO PROOF complements voluntary copyright registration systems by offering creators the possibility of recording and digitally certifying creation of the work.



How does IP help Australian creatives? 

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